Bajeskwartier will be an inspiring neighborhood within the Amsterdam ring road. To live, do business, learn, make and recreate. The Bijlmerbajes, not located in the Bijlmer by the way, was once a place you would rather not go. Now a green, creative and vibrant neighborhood is being created here in Overamstel where everyone is welcome. In Bajeskwartier there is room for start-ups, education, art, catering, sports, manufacturing places, a school and much more. The Bajeskwartier will become an exuberantly green hotspot for real city dwellers.

1350 homes

The Bajeskwartier will house approximately 1350 owner-occupied and rental homes, workplaces and manufacturing places. From large to small, from luxury to basic and for different lifestyles and wallets. All kinds of people will soon feel at home here. Bajeskwartier will become a neighborhood for city dwellers who believe that the city can do things differently. Sustainable, healthy and creative. In Bajeskwartier you will find much more than just living. There will be galleries, great restaurants, a climbing route, school, health center, creative places and cafes. But despite that urban vibe, Bajeskwartier will also become the greenest neighborhood in Amsterdam, which invites you to a healthy lifestyle. No fewer than 70 contiguous gardens will be laid out, interspersed with water features and squares.

In the Green Tower, symbol of everything Bajeskwartier stands for, there will even be a vertical park and urban agriculture over several floors. There will be room for sports and games everywhere. The gardens and greenery contrast beautifully with the iconic modern architecture and rugged buildings of the old Bijlmer prison. This visible history gives the neighborhood character and makes it a place like no other. In Bajeskwartier, inspiration, experience and progress are central. For example, the Living Lab here now and in the future conducts research into the city of the future. It will be an innovative neighborhood with attention to sustainability and circularity and to healthy and happy living in the city. Bajeskwartier, a progressive district, with respect for the past of this illustrious place near the Amstel.

The first three towers are currently on sale. The incidental tower will follow in 2023.

The Robin

The Robin will be located in a beautiful spot in the Central District. Mostly people live here. In 129 owner-occupied apartments of an average of 45m2 to 116m2. Childcare Compananny will be located on the ground floor. Many neighborhood children will soon be taken care of here and can play outside in the dozens of gardens in Bajeskwartier. The service center of the district’s mobility concept will also have its office here. The Robin is a contemporary design by Barcode Architects. They designed a building with a sturdy tower around which the lower parts of the building fan out fragilely. The effect is an interesting contrast between open and closed, light and robust.
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The Ruby

The Ruby is located right next to the vegetable garden and close to healthcare and health facilities. When you step outside The Ruby, you are immediately part of the interconnected garden landscape. A garden kingdom with different atmospheres and opportunities for sports and games. You hear the birds, see children playing, people walking or you help in the vegetable garden.

Because yes, that is what makes The Ruby very special: the vegetable garden at the foot of the building. Here you can grow vegetables together with neighbors and eat healthy with fresh, seasonal ingredients from your own garden.

The houses are supposedly ‘life proof’. This means that they are equipped with all conveniences and comfort for now and in the future. It mainly means that you can enjoy it for a long time and never have to move again. The variety makes living in The Ruby fun and surprising.
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The Jay

Coffee-to-go at your favorite place, a spontaneous lunch with friends and a quick organic take away in your bag on the way home. The city is your backyard. You choose smart. A new apartment, super durable and maintenance-free so you don’t have to worry about it. With everything nearby and always something to do. Every day is different. You keep your options open. You’ll see how it goes. Grab a terrace, beach on the Amstel or a cozy Friday afternoon drink with the neighbors in the shared garden of The Jay. Starter or senior, solo or together, young or old. Everything lives together here. In a vertical residential street of seventeen floors of neighbours, there is always something fun to do”. And if you have seen the kitchen table, you can still go to the office or join the co-working space in The Jay.
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H.J.E. Wenckebachweg

Project developer: AM -Schroders Capital - AT Capital
Neighbourhood: Bajeskwartier
Postal Code: 1096 AH
Location: Amsterdam
Price: Starting at € 372.500
Status: For sale
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A.J. Ernststraat 555
1082 LD Amsterdam

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