The “Sluisbuurt” is located at the most westerly point of the Zeeburgereiland, right across from the Oranje locks, and boasts a unique location on the IJ. The area will become a sustainable and low-traffic neighbourhood with a combination of both high-rise and low-rise buildings providing over 5500 houses and amenities.

Area developer AM won the tender of plot 4a in the Sluisbuurt on the Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam with its nature-inclusive plan for a residential complex with 82 apartments and a parking garage. The plinth will provided spaces for shops and other businesses.

The project Zoë – designed by VenhovenCS architecture+urbanism and DS Landschapsarchitecten – is characterised by the differences in heights and a wealth of greenery with indigenous plants. The green roofs, terraces, and façades that contribute to optimising the climate and stimulate biodiversity are just one of the striking aspects of the building.

Space for flora and fauna
Zoë is on the banks of the inner waterway of the Sluisbuurt area and near a public park. Zoë provides a habitat for the five different fauna species that live in the plants attached to the building or in the trees, shrubs, grasses, and water. Zoë gives urban nature a voice.

Sustainable living
The apartment building has a gross maximum floor space of 10,000 m2. This relatively small surface area will comprise 82 smaller and larger properties for families, couples, and singles – living cooperatively or independently. The minimum floor space is 40 m2. The design of the building with triple glazing, a heat recovery system, and integrated PV panels scores high on the sustainability scale.

Shop and business units
The two-storey plinth, with several double-height units along the main street, offers spaces for shops and businesses. The elongated façade enhances the corner of the main street and side street and meets the need for more local shops.

The plot is all about balance and contrast. Urban fringes with public amenities along the main street. An intimate green-and-blue “inner world” along the water, near the public park. The sophisticated design includes a construction that includes materials for the quays, such as natural stone blocks with openings where ferns and herbs can grow. The high-quality green cantilever façade. The altitude of the building ranges between 12, 17, 20 and 40 metres. The six roof terraces serve different means to support nature and water management and can be used by the residents.

“With its nature-inclusive design, Zoë has become a robust project that reflects our high ambition for sustainability. In our opinion, the result sets the tone for how the Sluisbuurt and the rest of the city should be shaped and built in the coming years,” says Jos-Willem van Oorschot, VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism.

The next step
AM will be shaping the plan into a final design.
Construction expected to start in Q2 2024
Final delivery expected for Q1 2026
Status: project in preparatory stage

In short: nature-inclusive living in Zoë, in the Amsterdam Sluisbuurt!

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Zuider IJdijk

Project developer: AM
Neighbourhood: Sluisbuurt
Postal Code: 1095 KN
Location: Amsterdam Zeeburgereiland
Price: Unknown
Status: In preperation
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A.J. Ernststraat 555
1082 LD Amsterdam

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