Nieuw Eilands’ Eigen is a brand new neighborhood, one of the last major new housing developments in Amstelveen.

Phase 1a of Nieuw Eilands’ Eigen is being constructed on Hamptons Island. This first phase consists of 4 terraced homes of the Southampton housing type, 7 terraced homes of the Northampton housing type, 12 semi-detached homes of the Easthampton housing type and 4 semi-detached homes of the Montauk housing type. The living areas of the terraced houses range from approximately 103 m2 (Northampton) to 132 m2 (Southampton) and of the semi-detached houses the living area ranges from approximately 148 m2 (Easthampton) to 175 m2 (Montauk).

A place in the midst of lots of greenery and water with a beautiful green edge zone on the south side of the plan that will fulfill various functions. A place where you will enjoy living in the future. The neighborhood is divided into several islands, each with its own character. Whichever island you choose to live on, you will always have one more island: your island. On this island you can relax, recreate, yoga, picnick and play with your dog.

Will you soon be living in Nieuw Eilands’ Eigen on the Island with its wide variety of semi-detached, detached and row houses? Or would you rather live in a semi-detached or row house on the characteristic other island with its green roofs?

Nieuw Eilands’ Eigen has it all. The perfect living experience, lots of greenery, water, car-free (there will only be local traffic) and an immense choice with well-tiered price levels. On the Islands, you will enjoy peace and quiet after the hustle and bustle of everyday life, after all, all you do there is live.

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J.C. van Hattumweg

Project developer: VORM Ontwikkeling BV
Neighbourhood: De Scheg Oost
Postal Code: 1187 ZN
Location: Amstelveen Zuid
Price: From €515.00,-- v.o.n.
Status: Phase 1a - For sale
Call or email for an



A.J. Ernststraat 555
1082 LD Amsterdam

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